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Craig Coppersmith
Vice President
Nox-Crete Products Group

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For nearly 2 years, my company had the privilege of working with Cy Caine and RCD on development of their web based dynamic database, RCD Connect. Because of our commitment to this database system, we were one of two companies asked to play a significant supporting role in defining the system requirements and verifying the system functionality through BETA Testing. As a result, I worked very closely with Cy. Cy served as Product Manager and Team Leader for the development and rollout of this product.

More than any other person at RCD, Cy was the one who also understood the “big picture” design and functionality of RCD Connect. His working knowledge of the technical requirements/functionality, coupled with his ability to communicate them in “layman’s” terms was a unique talent that had us gravitating to Cy, particularly when critical decisions needed to be made. Without overstating, Cy Caine’s product knowledge and ability to communicate that product’s capabilities to clients was unsurpassed at RCD.

The degree of our involvement on this project had us working with persons of varying levels within RCD. It was apparent in dealing with these persons that Cy was as respected internally as he was with customers. He consistently proved to be an excellent communicator and listener. There were occasions where Cy would have to make hard decisions, sometimes decisions that were not favorable to The Greenstreak Group. In these instances, he handled the situation with professionalism and firmness. Cy was never afraid to make these difficult decisions and he was always the one to convey the message to the customer(me). For that, he earned my respect, even if I didn’t always like the message.

Tom Rice Retired

Tom Rice

I have hired Cy at three different companies over the course of my career and I'm searching for the fourth opportunity. He has the skill sets any company needs: product management, product development, strategic planning, financial management and the leadership qualities needed to create teams that are quick to react and determined to succeed. With experience in growth companies and turn arounds and as crusader for multi-platform distribution, he's a terrific talent.

I have immense respect for Cy’s ability to set business objectives, manage multiple stakeholders, wrangle complex requirements, and  deliver a successful product. Cy is a voracious reader who stays on top of the latest developments and trends in mobile and web technologies.  We regularly discuss new capabilities of the latest mobile operating systems or interesting third-party services and how they fit within Haymarket’s mobile strategy. There’s no executive I would recommend more highly for effective, thoughtful, and dependable leadership than Cy Caine.

Eric Poirer President Atmosphere Apps

Eric Poirer
Atmosphere Apps

Charlie Spahr Executive Director  The American Ceramic Society

Charlie Spahr
Executive Director
The American Ceramic Society

Cy worked for me in the Product Management group at Reed Elsevier in our Atlanta division. He is a 'natural' at the product management discipline and is highly self motivated. The Product Management function in our company was designed to manage the entire spectrum of a product's life cycle, from new product development to P& L responsibility for the existing portfolio. Cy was facile with all aspects of the position, and I would recommend him for any similarly challenging role.

I was lucky to have been given the opportunity to work for Cy when he hired me as a product manager at Reed Construction Data. To date, working with Cy at RCD was the most rewarding position I have held. Cy equiped me with the tools I needed to be successful in my position. Namely, he made a huge effort in ensuring I was properly integrated with the RCD team and that I was front-loaded the information about the company and industry which got me started on the best foot possible. I learned more in this job than I have in any other, and I'm thankful Cy saw my potential and helped me to grow professionally.

Samira Bowles Strategic & Creative Marketing Consultant

Samira Bowles
Strategic & Creative Marketing Consultant

Charlie Engel Senior Business Development Executive Costar Group

Charlie Engel
Senior Business Development Executive
Costar Group

Over the past 2.5 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cy on several initiatives at NCI. He is one of those rare individuals that who is very detail oriented while at the same time, never losing sight of the “big picture” – traits that I’ve rarely come across in my professional career. He is also one of the most intelligent people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. On several occasions, when I felt I’d completely analyzed a situation from every angle, Cy could often shed new light on it and uncover a completely different way of looking at the issue.Cy is truly an asset to any organization he works with. I hope that our professional paths cross again someday

"Cy Caine played a critical role in the re­launching of our online component at Unique Homes. His ability to build consensus around strong strategic and marketing logic enabled him to earn the confidence of our sales team in helping us take our web message to a new level.

Few times in my career have I seen a senior manager such as Cy build the kind of loyalty and respect necessary to succeed. Cy is a listener who measures twice and cuts once while offering strong reasoning to defend his points ­of­ view that many times became my own."

Nick Antonicello Director, New Business Solutions

Nick Antonicello
Director, New Business Solutions

Christian Malpeli Founder

Christian Malpeli

Cy worked for me as VP Digital Product Management when I was at Haymarket Media, we worked side by side for several years. Cy was the rare strategic thinker who could also dive deep down into the details to ensure we were delivering on our commitments and that there were no unexpected surprises. He was able to balance the needs of multiple complex ongoing projects and see them through to launch and ongoing success. On top of all that - he's just a great all around guy! I would jump at the opportunity to work with Cy again.

I have worked with Cy and for Cy, and so have the perspective on seeing him as a manager as well as a colleague. He works with high integrity with his team, while fostering collaboration within the company. He is also a strategic thinker, who has a close ear to the industriy’s pulse, allowing his teams to stay ahead of the curve at all times.

Cy strives hard to keep both the business and engineering teams on track, and hold them both true to the their words. Due to this, there is no ambiguity in requirements, time line, execution plan, budgets, or anything else. At the end of a successful completion he would also be the one rewarding and congratulating the team.

Amey Bordikar VP-Engineering 33 Across

Amey Bordikar
33 Across

Glenn Goad President Centerfield Media

Glenn Goad
Centerfield Media

Cy was a tremendous asset for both NCI and myself. During Cy's tenure at NCI he was asked to solve unique and difficult product opportunities. Cy's ability to analyze a situation/problem/opportunity/market place was as good as I have seen. He can collaborate with all aspects of the business (Sales, Marketing, Technology) to get a desired outcome. I would highly recommend Cy.

Cy is an exceptional leader. Time and again I have been impressed by his ability to see the angle of a project that others have missed and that will make the crucial difference between success and failure. He has a deep understanding of product development, knowing exactly what it takes to launch and build upon successful products. 

Cy is the person you want in the room when making key decisions as he can be relied upon to ask the smartest questions and determine the best way forward.

Paula Fox Senior Director of Product Strategy and Ad Operations Haymarket Media, Inc

Paula Fox
Senior Director of Product Strategy and
Ad Operations Haymarket Media, Inc