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For more than 25 years SC Media has provided expert guidance and insight, in-depth features and timely news, and independent product reviews to top-level information security executives and their technical teams.

SC delivers breaking news, comprehensive analysis, cutting-edge features, contributions from thought leaders, and the best, most extensive collection of product reviews in the business.


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Over time SC had grown from a legacy media brand to one that generated more than 95% of revenue from sources other than print advertising. The website needed a refresh to reflect this new reality. 

My team led the effort for a major shift in the website's content strategy and a redesign to deliver news and stories in thematic channels. By structuring assets into a grid we were able to provide the editorial team complete flexibility in adjusting the layout and ad positions as needed over time. See the current SC website at


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Product reviews

The diligence and commitment to excellence made by SC's editorial team shines through in every product the brand produces. In particular, they produce product reviews that are widely considered the most objective, thorough and best in the industry. When we relaunched the website, we gave special attention to how this content is presented. You can see the most recent product reviews at

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White paper library

My team built a system to manage the distribution of white papers and other digital assets as part of SC's lead gen business. We built the solution as a stand alone platform that could be integrated into the websites of any Haymarket property. The reporting module dramatically improved the speed with which our lead gen team could process leads and distribute them to the our commercial sponsors.