PDR Electronic Library

The PDR Electronic Library (PDR-EL) was the most significant early career initiative that I managed from concept through to market delivery. This had a number of significant components:

  • Built the first Windows version of PDR- EL (1995).
  • Introduced PDR-EL to physicians. Previously it had only been available at an institutional price of $995 per installation. (1996)
  • Licensed content from leading medical publishers and others to include on the physician version of PDR-EL on a "try before you buy" basis. 
  • Developed creative assets including packaging, CD design, direct mail, and other promotional assets. 
  • Set-up a 3rd=party call center to process orders and trained call center staff.

I led a cross-functional team of more than 50 people on this project. We beat our goals and delivered more than 50,000 PDR-EL CD-ROMs in 1996 and both the product and the commercial offer were continued by PDR for many years.  

PDR Electronic Library.png