Haymarket Medical Education

Haymarket Medical Education (HME) is a recognized leader in delivering high quality continuing education to physicians and allied health professionals. Between 2011 and 2017 I led the team that built HME's digital presence, a major contributor to tripling HME's revenue. We used Agile methodologies to regularly introduce improvements and extensions to our education platform.


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In 2013 myCME.com was the first site launched on HME's new online learning platform. The usability of the new site was significantly improved compared to its predecessor. Following the launch, the number of customer service inquiries declined while traffic growth continued apace. Perhaps most significantly, the new site customized each user's experience based on their specialty, profession, and topics of interest. This release also included e-commerce enhancements and better support for hosting educational programs produced by 3rd-parties.


myCME App

In May 2012 we introduced the first myCME app to critical acclaim.Within several months nearly 20% of myCME courses were being completed via our app. The app was fully integrated with our CMS via robust APIs, keeping user progress always up-to-date across all platforms. In 2014 (pictured) and 2015 Apple highlighted myCME as one of the outstanding iOS apps Transforming Healthcare.

myCME.com Marketplace

While most CME is free to the end-user, there is a significant market for "user paid" courses. Demand is high for online programs that help prepare a learner for a high stakes exams required to maintain a professional license to practice. E-commerce offerings have grown into a significant revenue contributor. To support this thriving part of HME's business, my team built the myCME Marketplace to promote these programs.myCME Marketplace to promote these courses. 


MIMS Learning (UK Website)

My team also supported Haymarket's global education initiatives, including the UK MIMS Learning business. We built the MIMS Learning website on the same learning platform that supports myCME. The two sites share many visual elements. What we call CME in the U.S. is referred to as Continuing Professional Development, or CPD, in the U.K. The rules for earning and reporting on CPD are quite different. We built a "CPD Organizer" which allows users to create learning plans, write and save notes associated with each learning module, and to upload and store documents within a user's personalized learning plan.