Haymarket Medical Network

Haymarket Medical Network (HME) is the umbrella brand that encompasses Haymarket's 16 healthcare websites. The network benefits from its interconnectivity, allowing users to move between sites to discover the relevant content they need to make practice-related decisions.  The network features an expanding portfolio of websites and apps that deliver news and feature content about specific therapeutic areas. Relevant content from eMPR.com and myCME.com is integrated into each of these sites.


HME's 20/20 vision

20/20 is the name of an initiative that began in 2014. We planned to launch 20 successful online healthcare brands by the year 2020. Our research revealed an opening for Haymarket in several key markets. As of June 2017, nine 20/20 sites were live. 

See www.haymarketmedicalnetwork.com for more information. 


Monthly Prescribing reference (eMPR.com)

HME launched Monthly Prescribing Reference in 1985 as a print resource containing concise prescribing information for healthcare professionals. While the print editions remain a valued resource, MPR is increasingly accessed via the eMPR.com website and app.

Our research uncovered two major user segments. The first primarily used the online version of our concise prescribing information. The second mainly consumed our news and other editorial information about pharmaceutical products. In 2015 we launched a new eMPR website designed to serve these user segments.

See the current website at www.empr.com.


HMI Ad Track System

Ad Track is HMI's proprietary system for tracking ad delivery to client target lists. The ad agencies for our clients would supply us with specifically named lists of healthcare professionals that should be targets of an ad campaign. The CPM for reaching these users was very high. This system enabled us to make sure that we delivered each ad to the highest value user on an advertiser target list and provided detailed reporting that we shared with the agency and client.