Cy Caine
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Cy's Resume &  Bio
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Cy Caine has established a reputation as a leader at the intersection of media, information products, and technology. He is well-versed in product management best practices and has stepped up repeatedly throughout his career to lead significant strategic initiatives. Cy brings relentless energy, an inquisitive mind, and a focus on tangible results to every assignment.

Colleagues describe Cy Caine as digitally savvy, customer-focused, a terrific‘product guy,' and a top notch strategic thinker. He is a natural at the product management discipline, from new product development to P&L management of an existing portfolio. He is an executive who focuses on the key drivers of his business and is as comfortable discussing strategy in the boardroom as he is diving into the details with his team. Cy is a leader who builds teams that are quick to react and determined to succeed. He is known for his “zest for tech,” always staying on top of the latest trends and looking for ways to apply them to his business.

Cy joined Haymarket Media, Inc. (HMI) in 2010 and was promoted four times in the subsequent four years. Early on he led product development for HMI’s medical education business, more than doubling revenue. Most recently, Cy led product development for a new digital brand serving healthcare professionals, establishing a firm beachhead in a highly competitive market. In his role as SVP of Strategy & Product Development, Cy directly managed the core digital groups within HMI, including product management, software development, ad operations, and analytics. As a member of HMI’s Board of Directors, he facilitated the preparation and review of internal investment requests. He also led the deal team for HMI’s 2015 acquisition of GroupDCA. Cy’s actions in these leadership roles contributed to HMI’s digital revenue growth of more than 35% per year between 2010 and 2016.

Cy made similarly impactful contributions in previous executive level positions with divisions of Thomson Reuters, Network Communications, Inc. (NCI) and Reed Elsevier. Cy returned to Thomson Reuters in 2008 after a ten-year hiatus. He joined a five-person executive team that successfully sold its Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) business to a private equity group. PDR is the product line on which Cy got his first product management position back in 1994.

NCI’s primary business was lead generation for Realtors and apartment communities. Different business drivers call for new approaches. Cy negotiated and implemented relationships with 14 partners including Google, The New York Times, and Zillow. He also developed several new products and made more efficient use of NCI’s $2M search marketing budget. Together, these relationships, innovations, and process improvements contributed to a more than 30% decrease in the cost of generating each lead. Cy joined NCI after his successful run at Reed, where he managed the P&L for a $70M data products business. At Reed, Cy returned a money-losing business to profitability. He also led the completion of a critical product development initiative. Before his involvement, this project had remained perpetually 2-3 months away from completion for nearly a year. The product's customer base grew by 40% per year over the subsequent two-year period.

Cy earned a BA with Honors in Economics from Hamilton College, a General Course Certificate with honors from the London School of Economics, and an MBA in marketing and finance from Columbia Business School.


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