Reading Web Content on Your Kindle

Though the Kindle has a rudimentary web browser, I have found it to be so limited and so slow that I won’t use it.  However, I was looking for an easy way to read Web content on my Kindle.  I am using the following process to move content I find online to my Kindle for reading at a later date.

To make this work, first you should install a terrific “bookmarklet” from the folks at Arc90 called Readability.  You can find it here. What Readability does is to reformat the core content of just about any article-type content you find online in a way that is very easy to view online.

OK, so here are the steps I use to get content to the Kindle from my Mac:

  1. Find something online you want to read at a later date.
  2. Click to activate the Readability bookmarklet
  3. Click the print icon or command-P to print the page
  4. In the print dialog box, select PDF, then Mail PDF
  5. Address the PDF to
  6. Type “convert” in the subject line of your email
  7. Click the Send button to send the email on its way
  8. If all goes well, in about 1-2 minutes or less you will receive a file back from Amazon. Copy this file to your Kindle using the USB cable

By following these steps, most of the time you will wind up with a well formatted, easy to read document on your Kindle.

These steps will not work for Windows users unless they have installed software that allows them to easily generate PDFs as described above.